Andorra’s Important Days of April

April is a busy month in Andorra, with a number of important national and cultural holidays to celebrate. Here is a look at some of the most notable events:

April 7: Dia de la Mare de Déu de Meritxell (Our Lady of Meritxell Day)

Our Lady of Meritxell is the patron saint of Andorra, and her day is celebrated with a public holiday and a mass at the Santuari de Meritxell, a national monument dedicated to her. The sanctuary is located in the village of Meritxell, about 6 miles north of Andorra la Vella, the capital of Andorra.

April 14: Dia de la Constitució (Constitution Day)

Constitution Day commemorates the signing of the Andorran Constitution on April 14, 1993. The constitution established Andorra as a parliamentary democracy and enshrined a number of fundamental rights and freedoms for its citizens. Constitution Day is a public holiday in Andorra, and is marked with official ceremonies and celebrations.

April 22: Dia de la Terra (Earth Day)

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on April 22, and Andorra is no exception. On Earth Day, Andorrans participate in a variety of events and activities to raise awareness of environmental issues and promote sustainability. These events can include everything from tree plantings to beach cleanups to educational workshops.

April 23: Sant Jordi (Saint George’s Day)

Sant Jordi is a traditional Catalan holiday that is celebrated in Andorra as well as Catalonia, Valencia, and the Balearic Islands in Spain. The holiday is named after Saint George, a Christian martyr who is said to have slain a dragon and rescued a damsel in distress. On Sant Jordi, men traditionally give women roses, and women traditionally give men books. The holiday is also a celebration of Catalan culture and language.

April 25: Dia del Treball (Labor Day)

Labor Day is a public holiday in Andorra that celebrates the contributions of workers to society. On Labor Day, Andorrans participate in parades and demonstrations to support workers’ rights and improve working conditions.

In addition to these national holidays, there are a number of other important events that take place in Andorra in April. These include the Andorra la Vella Jazz Festival, the Andorra Mountain Music Festival, and the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord.

Andorra is a small country with a rich culture and history. April is a great month to visit Andorra and experience some of its most important traditions and celebrations.