Angola’s Important Days of the Month of August

Angola, a country in southern Africa with a rich history and culture, has many important days throughout the year. One of the most important months is August, which marks the anniversary of the country’s independence and the beginning of its liberation struggle.

Here are some of the most important days in Angola during the month of August:

  • August 4th: Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day is a public holiday in Angola that commemorates the founding of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) on August 4, 1975. The FAA was formed during the Angolan Civil War, and it played a decisive role in the country’s independence.

On Armed Forces Day, Angolans celebrate the FAA’s contributions to the country’s liberation and its continued role in defending Angola’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. There are typically parades, military exercises, and other events held on this day.

  • August 10th: National Heroes Day

National Heroes Day is another public holiday in Angola that commemorates the country’s heroes, both living and dead. The holiday was established in 1980 to honor the Angolans who fought and died for the country’s independence.

On National Heroes Day, Angolans pay their respects to the country’s heroes by visiting cemeteries, attending memorials, and holding other events. The holiday is also a time to reflect on Angola’s history and culture.

  • August 15th: Assumption of Mary

The Assumption of Mary is a Catholic holiday that commemorates the bodily ascension of the Virgin Mary into heaven. The holiday is celebrated in Angola and in many other Catholic countries around the world.

In Angola, the Assumption of Mary is a public holiday. On this day, Angolans attend church services and other religious events. The holiday is also a time for families and friends to come together and celebrate.

Other Important Days in August

In addition to the three public holidays listed above, there are a number of other important days in Angola during the month of August. These include:

  • August 2nd: Women’s Day
  • August 3rd: National Youth Day
  • August 5th: African Liberation Day
  • August 7th: Martyrs of Kifangondo Day
  • August 12th: National Farmers’ Day
  • August 14th: National Culture Day
  • August 16th: National Day of Peace and Reconciliation

These days are all important in Angolan history and culture, and they are often commemorated with events and activities throughout the country.


August is an important month in Angola, with a number of public holidays and other days that commemorate the country’s history, culture, and people. These days are a time for Angolans to come together and celebrate their shared heritage.