Apex Legends’ Revenant Reborn Guide: Mastering The Undead Assassin’s New Abilities

Here are some tips on how to master Revenant’s new abilities in Apex Legends:

  • Use Death Totem to your advantage. Death Totem is Revenant’s new ultimate ability. It allows you to place a totem that, when activated, sends you into the Shadow Realm when you die. In the Shadow Realm, you are immune to damage and can move around quickly. However, you cannot use your weapons or abilities. Once you leave the Shadow Realm, you will be revived with full health.

Use Death Totem to your advantage by placing it in a safe location before engaging in a fight. This way, if you die, you can quickly return to the fight with full health. You can also use Death Totem to flank enemies or escape from a bad situation.

  • Be aggressive with Silence. Silence is Revenant’s new tactical ability. It fires a projectile that silences enemies for a short period of time. This means that they cannot use their abilities or weapons.

Use Silence to be aggressive and take down enemies quickly. Silence them before they can use their abilities, then rush them and finish them off. You can also use Silence to prevent enemies from using their abilities to escape from you.

  • Use Passive to sneak up on enemies. Revenant’s passive ability, Stalker, allows him to climb walls twice as fast as other Legends. This can be used to sneak up on enemies from unexpected angles.

Use Stalker to your advantage by climbing walls to get to high ground or to flank enemies. You can also use Stalker to escape from enemies if you are in a bad situation.

  • Use Ultimate to initiate fights. Revenant’s Ultimate ability, Death Totem, can be used to initiate fights. Place the totem in a safe location, then activate it and rush the enemy team. When you die, you will be revived with full health and can continue fighting.

Death Totem can also be used to revive teammates who have been downed. This can be a great way to turn the tide of a fight.

  • Be aware of your weaknesses. Revenant is a powerful Legend, but he also has some weaknesses. He is slow and his abilities have long cooldowns. This means that you need to be careful when using him and not overextend yourself.

Also, Revenant is not very good at close-range combat. His Silence ability can be effective at close range, but his other abilities are not as effective. If you find yourself in a close-range fight, you may want to switch to a different Legend.

Overall, Revenant is a powerful Legend with a lot of potential. He is best used as an aggressive Legend who can take down enemies quickly. However, you need to be careful when using him and not overextend yourself. If you can master his abilities, Revenant can be a force to be reckoned with.

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