Armored Core 6 Custom Mech Inspired by Voltron

There are a few Armored Core 6 players who have created custom mechs inspired by Voltron. One such player is Reddit user jrto2, who shared their finished creation on the r/ArmoredCore subreddit. The mech is a close match to the Voltron Force’s imposing walker, with five individual lions that combine to form the final robot. The player used the game’s creation tools to make the mech as accurate as possible, even down to the individual colors of each lion.

Another Voltron-inspired mech was created by YouTuber “TheGundamGuy”. This mech is a bit more stylized than jrto2’s creation, but it still retains the essential elements of Voltron. The mech is made up of three lions, which combine to form a larger robot. The player used a variety of weapons and armor parts to create the mech, and they also added some custom decals to give it a more Voltron-like appearance.

These are just a few examples of the many Armored Core 6 mechs that have been inspired by Voltron. The game’s extensive customization options allow players to create truly unique and imaginative mechs, and Voltron is a popular choice for inspiration. With so many possibilities, it’s no wonder that players are having so much fun creating their own Voltron mechs in Armored Core 6.

Here are some of the specific customizations that these players made to their mechs to make them look like Voltron:

  • They used the game’s color palette to match the colors of the individual lions in Voltron.
  • They used different weapons and armor parts to give the mechs a more robotic appearance.
  • They added some custom decals to the mechs to give them a more Voltron-like appearance.

If you’re a fan of Voltron and Armored Core, then you’ll definitely want to check out these custom mechs. They’re a great example of the creativity and imagination that players are bringing to the game’s customization features.

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