Armored Core 6 Player Builds Kirby Mech in the Game

A player of FromSoftware’s Armored Core 6 has built a mech inspired by Nintendo’s Kirby. The mech, which is called the “Kirby Machine,” has a round body and large eyes, just like the pink puffball. It also has a copy ability, which allows it to absorb the abilities of other mechs.

The player, who goes by the name “Skitteringscamper” on Reddit, posted a picture of the mech on the Armored Core subreddit. The post quickly went viral, with many people praising the player’s creativity.

The Kirby Machine is a testament to the customization options in Armored Core 6. The game allows players to create their own mechs from scratch, and there are a seemingly endless number of possibilities. The Kirby Machine is just one example of the many creative builds that players have come up with.

The game is known for its customization options, and the Kirby Machine is a great example of what players can create with a little imagination.

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