Armored Core Community Rallies to Give One Unfortunate Character a Callsign

The Armored Core community has rallied to give one unfortunate character a callsign. In the early game mission of Armored Core 6, players are introduced to a short one-on-one boss battle where they face an inexperienced Dafeng pilot. This pilot is killed by the player, and in his dying words, he laments that he never got a callsign of his own.

Touched by the character’s tragic death, one Reddit user started a thread asking for the Armored Core 6 community to fulfill the late student pilot’s dying wish. The thread quickly gained traction, and hundreds of players have submitted their suggestions for a fitting callsign.

Some of the most popular suggestions include:

  • “The Last Hope”
  • “The Unsung Hero”
  • “The Fallen Angel”
  • “The Wingless Raven”
  • “The Nameless One”

The community is still debating which callsign is the best, but it is clear that they are all eager to honor the memory of this unfortunate pilot.

Here are some other thoughts on the matter:

  • Some players believe that the character should be given a callsign that reflects his innocence and naivety, such as “The Innocent” or “The Child of War.”
  • Others believe that the callsign should be something more somber, such as “The Sacrifice” or “The Martyr.”
  • Still others believe that the callsign should be something that the character himself would have chosen, if he had the chance.

Ultimately, the decision of what callsign to give the character is up to the community. However, it is clear that they are all invested in honoring his memory and giving him the recognition he deserves.

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