Artist Designs Incredible Weapons Based on Pokemon

Examples of incredible weapons based on Pokemon designed by artist KosukeSukeP.

  • Jirachi Blade: This sword is inspired by the mythical Pokemon Jirachi. The blade is made of the same golden material that Jirachi’s body is made of, and it is said to be able to grant wishes.
  • Skarmory Shield: This shield is inspired by the steel-type Pokemon Skarmory. The shield is made of Skarmory’s feathers, which are incredibly strong and lightweight.
  • Chandelure Staff: This staff is inspired by the ghost-type Pokemon Chandelure. The staff is made of Chandelure’s flames, and it can be used to cast powerful attacks.
  • Applin Axe: This axe is inspired by the apple-based Pokemon Applin. The axe is made of Applin’s hard shell, and it can be used to chop through trees or enemies.
  • Flapple Rapier: This rapier is inspired by the dragon-type Pokemon Flapple. The rapier is made of Flapple’s sharp scales, and it can be used to pierce through armor.

These are just a few of the many incredible weapons that KosukeSukeP has designed. His work is truly creative and imaginative, and it brings to life the power and beauty of Pokemon in a whole new way.

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