Back to the Dawn – Official Trailer | gamescom 2023

Back to the Dawn that was released at gamescom 2023 is an upcoming prison survival and escape RPG game developed by Stormind Games and published by Nacon. The game is scheduled to be released in 2024 for PC.

The trailer shows the player character, a framed journalist, navigating a treacherous maximum-security prison. The player must use their wit, cunning, and resolve to survive and escape. They will need to forge alliances with other inmates, solve puzzles, learn new skills, and uncover hidden pathways.

The trailer also shows some of the challenges that the player will face, such as the guards, the other inmates, and the harsh prison environment. It also hints at a sinister plot that the player must unravel.

Back to the Dawn looks like a promising game that will offer players a challenging and immersive experience.

Here are some of the key features of Back to the Dawn:

  • A vast and dangerous prison environment to explore
  • A variety of unique jobs to choose from
  • A challenging and rewarding escape experience
  • A cast of colorful and memorable characters
  • A sinister plot to unravel

If you are a fan of prison break movies or games, then Back to the Dawn is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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