Baldur’s Gate 3 Split-Screen for Xbox Series S Is Still a Possibility

There is still a possibility that Baldur’s Gate 3 will get split-screen support on Xbox Series S after launch. In August 2023, Larian Studios announced that the game would be launching on Xbox Series X|S later that year, but that it would not have split-screen support on the Xbox Series S due to technical limitations. However, Microsoft later clarified that it is still working with Larian to explore the possibility of adding split-screen to the Xbox Series S version of the game after launch.

There is no guarantee that split-screen will be added to Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox Series S, but it is still a possibility. Microsoft has a policy of feature parity across its platforms, which means that games should have the same features on both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. However, Microsoft has made exceptions to this policy in the past, and it is possible that it will do so again for Baldur’s Gate 3 if there is enough demand for split-screen support on the Xbox Series S.

If you are interested in playing Baldur’s Gate 3 with split-screen, the best thing to do is to keep an eye on the news. If Microsoft and Larian are able to add split-screen support to the Xbox Series S version of the game, it will likely be announced in advance of the launch.

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