Barrier game developed and published by Vectorbeam. It is a maze game where players control a spaceship that must navigate through a series of barriers to reach the end of the level.

The game is played from a top-down perspective, and players can move their spaceship left, right, up, and down. They can also shoot lasers to destroy barriers. The barriers move in a variety of patterns, and players must shoot them before they can reach the end of the level.

If the player’s spaceship touches a barrier, they lose a life. Players can earn extra lives by collecting power-ups that appear on the screen.

The game is over when the player reaches the end of the level. Players can earn a higher score by reaching the end of the level in a faster time.

Barrier was not a commercial success, but it is considered to be a cult classic among arcade game enthusiasts. It is one of the earliest maze games to use vector graphics, and it is praised for its innovative gameplay and its challenging difficulty.

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