BASIC Computer Games

BASIC Computer Games was a compilation of type-in BASIC computer games published by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in 1973. It was written by David H. Ahl, and it featured 26 games that could be played on DEC’s PDP-8 minicomputers.

The games in BASIC Computer Games were all written in BASIC, a programming language that was popular at the time. The games were designed to be easy to type in and play, and they were a great way for people to learn about programming and computer gaming.

Some of the games in BASIC Computer Games included:

  • Hamurabi: A strategy game where players must build a civilization.
  • Super Star Trek: A text-based version of the popular Star Trek game.
  • Nim: A logic game where players must take turns removing objects from a pile.

BASIC Computer Games was a commercial success and was very influential. It helped to popularize programming and computer gaming, and it inspired many people to learn more about both subjects.

The book was also notable for being one of the first books to be published about computer games. It helped to establish computer games as a legitimate form of entertainment, and it paved the way for the future of the gaming industry.

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