Bungie Confirms Return of Fan-Favorite Destiny 2 Exotic With Crota’s End

Bungie has confirmed that the Necrochasm Exotic Auto Rifle will be returning to Destiny 2 with the Crota’s End raid. The raid will be available on September 1, 2023, as part of the Season of the Witch.

The Necrochasm is a fan-favorite weapon that was originally introduced in Destiny 1. It is an auto rifle that fires a unique type of ammunition called “Prismatic Cores.” These cores can ricochet off of surfaces and deal damage to multiple enemies. The Necrochasm also has a unique perk called “Crowd Devastator” that causes enemies to explode when they are killed with the weapon.

To get the Necrochasm in Destiny 2, players will need to complete the Crota’s End raid on Hard Mode. The weapon will also have a chance to drop from the Deathsinger encounter.

In addition to the Necrochasm, Bungie has also confirmed that the Crota’s End raid will have a number of other changes. These changes include:

  • Updated mechanics to make the raid more challenging
  • New rewards, including armor and weapons
  • A new difficulty setting called “Contest Mode”

Contest Mode is a special difficulty setting that is activated for the first 48 hours after a raid is released. In Contest Mode, all players are scaled down to a certain power level, which makes the raid more challenging. This is designed to create a level playing field for all players and to make the race to be the first to complete the raid more competitive.

The return of the Crota’s End raid is sure to be a popular addition to Destiny 2. The raid is a fan-favorite, and the return of the Necrochasm is sure to please many players. The new changes to the raid should also make it more challenging and rewarding.

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