COTTOn 2 Saturn Tribute

COTTOn 2 Saturn Tribute is a shoot ’em up game developed by SUCCESS and published by CITY-CONNECTION CO., LTD. It was released for the PlayStation 5 on March 3, 2023.

The game is a port of the 1994 Saturn game COTTOn 2: Magical Night Dreams. It features improved graphics, new features, and online leaderboards.

The new features in COTTOn 2 Saturn Tribute include:

  • Game rewind: This allows you to rewind the game up to a few seconds, which can be helpful for difficult sections.
  • Slow mode: This slows down the game speed, which can be helpful for taking in your surroundings or avoiding enemy fire.
  • Quick save: This allows you to save your game at any time, which can be helpful if you need to take a break or if you die.
  • Online leaderboards: This allows you to compete with other players for the highest score.

COTTOn 2 Saturn Tribute is a faithful port of the original game with some added features that make it a more enjoyable experience. It is a must-have for fans of the shoot ’em up genre.

Here are some additional details about the game:

  • The game is set in the Pumpkin Kingdom, which has lost its national treasure, the Bluewater Willow.
  • You play as Cotton, a witch with the biggest appetite in the universe, and Appli, the most tomboyish girl in the royal family.
  • You must use a variety of shots and commands to defeat the enemies and rescue the Bluewater Willow.
  • The game features 5 stages, each with its own unique boss.
  • The game has a high level of difficulty, but it is also very rewarding to play.

If you are a fan of shoot ’em up games, then you should definitely check out COTTOn 2 Saturn Tribute. It is a classic game that has been given a new lease on life with some added features.

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