Croixleur Sigma is a high-speed hack and slash action game developed by Souvenir Circ. and published by Active Gaming Media, Inc., Playism, and Marvelous Europe. It was released for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 in Japan on December 30, 2013, and in North America and Europe on March 28, 2019. A Nintendo Switch version was released on March 28, 2020.

The game features four playable characters:

  • Ciel: A young woman who wields a sword and shield. She is the leader of the group.
  • Iris: A young woman who wields a bow and arrow. She is the most agile of the group.
  • Luna: A young woman who wields a spear. She is the strongest of the group.
  • Stella: A young woman who wields a staff. She is the most magical of the group.

Players can choose one of these characters to play as and fight their way through a variety of stages, defeating waves of enemies and bosses. The game features a variety of weapons and abilities that players can use to defeat their enemies, as well as a variety of special moves that can be performed.

In addition to the Story Mode, Croixleur Sigma also features a variety of other modes, including:

  • Score Attack: Players compete to achieve the highest score in a single playthrough.
  • Challenge Mode: Players must complete a series of challenges in order to progress.
  • Dungeon Mode: Players must fight their way through a dungeon, collecting weapons and items as they go.
  • Free Battle: Players can fight against a variety of enemies in a free-for-all battle.

Croixleur Sigma received positive reviews from critics, with praise for its fast-paced action, variety of weapons and abilities, and charming characters. The game was also a commercial success, selling over 100,000 copies worldwide.

If you are a fan of hack and slash action games, then Croixleur Sigma is definitely worth checking out. It is a fast-paced, enjoyable game with a lot of content to offer.

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