Destiny 2 Glitch Grants Absurd Power Spike Ahead of Raid Launch

There is a glitch in Destiny 2 that allows players to equip the previous season’s artifact for a power boost. This glitch was discovered by Cheese Forever, a Destiny 2 YouTuber famous for discovering glitches and bugs.

The glitch works by deleting the current season’s artifact and then claiming the previous season’s artifact from the Wayfinder’s Compass. This will cause the game to display the highest power level gained in the current season, but the artifact will actually provide the power levels from the previous season.

This glitch can give players a significant power boost, especially in endgame activities such as Grandmaster Nightfalls and Master Raids. It is unclear how Bungie plans to address this glitch, but it is likely that they will disable artifacts altogether for the upcoming World’s First Raid race.

The World’s First Raid race is a competition in which teams race to be the first to complete a new raid. It is a highly competitive event, and any advantage, no matter how small, can make a big difference. The artifact power boost glitch could give some teams an unfair advantage, so it is likely that Bungie will take steps to prevent it from being used.

The glitch has been met with mixed reactions from the Destiny 2 community. Some players are upset that the glitch exists, while others are simply trying to take advantage of it. Bungie has not yet commented on the glitch, but it is likely that they will address it soon.

Here are some of the possible consequences of this glitch:

  • It could give some teams an unfair advantage in the upcoming World’s First Raid race.
  • It could make endgame activities easier than intended.
  • It could discourage players from playing the game legitimately.
  • It could damage Bungie’s reputation.

Bungie will need to act quickly to address this glitch and prevent it from causing any further problems.

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