Destiny 2 New Destination Will Change After the Campaign

The new destination in Destiny 2, The Pale Heart, will change after the campaign. The Pale Heart is a linear destination that will change based on player actions during the campaign and will shift significantly following the conclusion of the ongoing storyline.

The Pale Heart is described as the first linear destination in Destiny 2. It is located in the Ascendant Realm, a mysterious and dangerous dimension that is home to many powerful enemies. The Pale Heart is said to be a place of great power, and it is up to players to discover its secrets and defeat the threats that lurk within.

The Pale Heart will change after the campaign in a number of ways. The environment will be different, the enemies will be stronger, and the challenges will be more difficult. Players will need to be prepared for a new challenge if they want to explore The Pale Heart after the campaign.

The changes to The Pale Heart are designed to give players a new experience after the campaign. Bungie wants players to feel like they are exploring a new destination, even though they have already been there. The changes will also make The Pale Heart a more challenging destination, which will appeal to players who are looking for a challenge.

The Pale Heart is a new and exciting destination that is sure to add a lot of content to Destiny 2. The changes to the destination after the campaign are a great way to keep players engaged and coming back for more.

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