Destiny 2 Reveals New Enemy Type

Bungie revealed a new enemy type called Subjugators during the Destiny 2: The Final Shape showcase. Subjugators are powerful humanoid enemies that are being controlled by the Witness, the main antagonist of the game. They are armed with Stasis and Strand powers, which they can use to suppress Lightbearers.

Subjugators are said to be the most dangerous enemy type that Guardians have ever faced. They are strong, fast, and agile, and they are able to use their Stasis powers to control the battlefield. Guardians will need to be prepared for a tough fight if they want to defeat Subjugators.

The Subjugator enemy type is a significant addition to Destiny 2. They are a new challenge for Guardians, and they will add a new layer of difficulty to the game. They are also a sign of the growing threat posed by the Witness, and they foreshadow the challenges that Guardians will face in the future.

Here are some of the abilities of Subjugators:

  • Stasis powers: Subjugators can use Stasis to freeze Guardians in place, slow them down, or shatter them.
  • Strand powers: Subjugators can use Strand to create barriers and traps, or to control the movement of Guardians.
  • Telekinesis: Subjugators can use telekinesis to move objects around the battlefield, or to throw objects at Guardians.
  • Enhanced strength and speed: Subjugators are stronger and faster than most other enemies in Destiny 2.

Subjugators are a formidable enemy type, and they will be a challenge for even the most experienced Guardians. However, they are also a valuable source of information about the Witness and his plans. By studying Subjugators, Guardians can learn more about the threat they face, and they can prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

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