Destiny 2 Showcases New Vex PvP Map and Relic Mode

Bungie showcased a new Vex PvP map and Relic mode for Destiny 2 during the recent Gamescom Opening Night Live event.

The new map is called Multiplex and is set in a stabilized Vex network with a lo-fi aesthetic and chaotic gunfights. The map features fewer long sightlines compared to other PvP maps, resulting in frequent close-quarters combat.

The new mode is called Relic and is a 6v6 party style mode where players use specialized weapons to earn points. Players first need to charge their relics by using their normal loadout, and then using the relic to defeat opponents to earn a point. The first team to reach 50 points wins.

The Relic mode is sure to be a chaotic and exciting addition to Destiny 2’s PvP lineup. The new map and mode are scheduled to be released in Season 19 of Destiny 2, which is expected to start in August 2023.

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