Destiny 2 Temporarily Disables New Warlock Strand Aspect

Bungie has temporarily disabled the Weavewalk Warlock Strand Aspect in Destiny 2 due to it being broken and overly resistant to damage in PvP activities. This suspension could affect the upcoming Crota’s End raid launch, as the Aspect may not be reworked in time.

The Weavewalk Aspect allows Warlocks to create a rift that grants them increased damage resistance and overshields. However, it was discovered that the Aspect was also making Warlocks immune to damage from certain weapons and abilities in PvP. This made it very difficult to kill Warlocks using the Aspect, and it gave them an unfair advantage in Crucible matches.

Bungie has disabled the Weavewalk Aspect while they investigate the issue and work on a fix. They have not yet said when the Aspect will be re-enabled, but they have said that they will keep players updated on their progress.

In the meantime, Warlocks who have unlocked the Weavewalk Aspect will not be able to use it. They will still be able to use the other Strand Aspects, as well as the base Warlock subclass abilities.

Bungie has a history of temporarily disabling items or abilities in Destiny 2 when they are found to be broken or overpowered. This is to ensure that the game remains balanced and fair for all players. In this case, the Weavewalk Aspect was clearly giving Warlocks an unfair advantage in PvP, so it was necessary to disable it until Bungie can fix the issue.

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