Diablo 4 Player Reveals Helpful Solo Butcher Strategy

Here is a helpful solo Butcher strategy that was revealed by a Diablo 4 player:

  1. Use the environment to your advantage. The Butcher’s attacks are all melee-based, so you can use pillars and other obstacles to block his attacks and give yourself some breathing room.
  2. Kite the Butcher around. If you can keep the Butcher moving, he will be less likely to land his attacks. You can do this by running around him in circles or using a mobility skill to keep your distance.
  3. Use crowd control abilities. If you have any crowd control abilities, such as stuns or freezes, use them to your advantage against the Butcher. This will give you a chance to deal some damage without having to worry about being attacked.
  4. Focus on his weak points. The Butcher’s weak points are his back and his head. If you can focus your attacks on these areas, you will do more damage.
  5. Be patient. The Butcher is a tough opponent, so don’t expect to defeat him quickly. Just keep chipping away at his health and eventually he will go down.

Here are some additional tips that the player mentioned:

  • Save shrines for after the Butcher fight. Shrines can provide you with buffs that will help you in the fight.
  • Save elite enemies for additional health pickups. Elite enemies often drop health globes, which can be helpful if you are running low on health.
  • If you can get 150% movement speed, you can permanently kite the Butcher through the level. This can be a good strategy if you are struggling to defeat him.

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