Donating to Causes on Facebook

There are two main ways to donate to causes on Facebook:

  1. Donate to a fundraiser. Anyone can create a fundraiser on Facebook to benefit a charitable cause. When you donate to a fundraiser, your money goes directly to the nonprofit organization that the fundraiser is supporting. To find fundraisers that you’re interested in, you can search for them on Facebook or check out the fundraisers that your friends and family are supporting.
  2. Donate to a nonprofit. Many nonprofits have Facebook Pages where you can donate to their cause. To find nonprofits to donate to, you can search for them on Facebook or check out the nonprofits that your friends and family are supporting.

To donate to a fundraiser or nonprofit on Facebook, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the fundraiser or nonprofit’s Facebook Page.
  2. Scroll down to the Donations section.
  3. Click or tap Donate.
  4. Enter the amount you’d like to donate.
  5. Click or tap Next.
  6. Enter your payment information.
  7. Click or tap Donate.

You’ll receive a confirmation email after you make a donation. If you’re donating to a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit, your donation is typically tax-deductible.

Here are some tips for donating to causes on Facebook:

  • Make sure that the fundraiser or nonprofit is legitimate. Look for a blue checkmark next to the name of the fundraiser or nonprofit to verify that it’s been authenticated by Facebook. You can also read reviews from other donors to see what they have to say.
  • Consider donating to fundraisers that are created by people you know and trust. This is a great way to support the causes that are important to your friends and family.
  • Set a donation budget before you start browsing fundraisers and nonprofits. It’s easy to get carried away and donate more than you can afford, so it’s important to have a budget in mind.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re not sure how your donation will be used, or if you have any other questions, contact the fundraiser organizer or nonprofit directly.

Thank you for your interest in donating to causes on Facebook. Your generosity helps to make a difference in the world.