Super Nintendo World’s Donkey Kong Country Set to Open at Universal Studios Japan in Spring


Excitement is building for gaming and theme park enthusiasts alike as Super Nintendo World gears up to unveil its latest attraction – Donkey Kong Country. Set to open at Universal Studios Japan in the upcoming spring, this addition to the immersive theme park promises an adventure into the beloved world of Donkey Kong. In this article, we’ll explore the details of this exciting announcement and what visitors can anticipate when Donkey Kong Country opens its doors.

Nostalgia Meets Innovation

Donkey Kong Country at Super Nintendo World is a celebration of nostalgia and innovation. The classic Donkey Kong franchise, known for its iconic characters and challenging gameplay, comes to life in a theme park setting. Visitors can expect to be immersed in the vibrant and adventurous world of Donkey Kong, with meticulously designed attractions and interactive experiences that pay homage to the beloved game series.

Iconic Characters and Environments

The attraction brings to life the iconic characters of Donkey Kong Country, from Donkey Kong himself to Diddy Kong and the rest of the memorable cast. The environments mirror the lush jungles and dynamic landscapes that fans of the game series have come to love. The attention to detail aims to transport visitors into the heart of Donkey Kong’s world, creating an authentic and thrilling experience.

Interactive Adventures

Donkey Kong Country goes beyond static attractions by offering interactive adventures. From high-octane rides to challenging obstacle courses, visitors will have the opportunity to engage with the world of Donkey Kong in unprecedented ways. The incorporation of cutting-edge technology ensures that the experiences are not only thrilling but also push the boundaries of what is possible in a theme park setting.


  1. Q: When is Donkey Kong Country set to open at Universal Studios Japan?
    • A: Donkey Kong Country is scheduled to open in the upcoming spring, inviting visitors to experience the world of Donkey Kong.
  2. Q: What does the attraction celebrate?
    • A: The attraction celebrates the nostalgia and innovation of the classic Donkey Kong franchise, bringing its iconic characters and environments to life.
  3. Q: Which characters can visitors expect to encounter?
    • A: Visitors will encounter iconic characters such as Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and others, faithfully recreated in the theme park setting.
  4. Q: How does Donkey Kong Country offer interactive experiences?
    • A: The attraction features interactive adventures, including high-octane rides and challenging obstacle courses, allowing visitors to engage with the world of Donkey Kong in exciting ways.
  5. Q: What technology is incorporated into the experiences?
    • A: Cutting-edge technology is integrated to ensure that the experiences are not only thrilling but also push the boundaries of what is possible in a theme park setting.

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