DreadOut is a survival horror video game developed by Indonesian indie developer Digital Happiness. It was released for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OS X in 2013. A port for PlayStation 4 was announced but never released.

The game is set in an old abandoned town in Indonesia. The player takes control of Linda Meillinda, a high school student who is trapped in the town and must use her smartphone and a digital camera to interact with (or fend off) various kinds of Indonesian mythical ghosts and to help her solve various puzzles.

DreadOut is a third-person horror game that uses mechanics similar to those found in the Fatal Frame series. The player can use their smartphone to take pictures of ghosts, which can then be used to exorcise them. The player can also use their camera to take pictures of clues and objects, which can be used to solve puzzles.

The game is known for its use of Indonesian folklore and urban legends. The ghosts in the game are based on real-world Indonesian myths and legends, such as the kuntilanak, the pocong, and the genderuwo. This gives the game a unique atmosphere and feel that is unlike any other horror game.

DreadOut was a critical and commercial success. It was praised for its atmosphere, gameplay, and use of Indonesian folklore. The game was also a commercial success, selling over 1 million copies worldwide.

A sequel to DreadOut, titled DreadOut 2, was released in 2018. The game was also a critical and commercial success.

Here are some of the features of DreadOut:

  • Third-person horror game with a focus on atmosphere and suspense.
  • Use your smartphone and a digital camera to interact with ghosts and solve puzzles.
  • Based on Indonesian folklore and urban legends.
  • Atmospheric and immersive gameplay.
  • Critically and commercially successful.

If you are a fan of horror games, then you should definitely check out DreadOut. It is a unique and atmospheric game that is sure to scare you.

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