Emily Blunt Reveals Whether She Would Return In A Sequel To A Sci-Fi Favorite

Emily Blunt has revealed that she would be open to returning for a sequel to the 2018 science fiction film “A Quiet Place”. However, she has one condition: her husband and co-star John Krasinski must direct it.

Blunt told the Happy Sad Confused podcast that she had a conversation with Krasinski and Cillian Murphy, who starred in the sequel “A Quiet Place Part II”, about the possibility of a third film. She said that she would be interested in returning if Krasinski was directing and Murphy was also involved.

“Well, Cillian and I were having a chat with John about it last night. We were sitting on the rooftop, all together, drinking wine,” Blunt said. “We were just talking about it hypothetically, but I would be very interested in doing it if John was directing it and Cillian was involved.”

Blunt’s condition is understandable, given the success of the first two films. “A Quiet Place” was a critical and commercial hit, grossing over $340 million worldwide. The sequel, “A Quiet Place Part II”, was also a success, grossing over $290 million worldwide.

Krasinski has not yet confirmed whether he will direct a third film in the “A Quiet Place” franchise. However, he has said that he is open to the idea.

“I love this world,” Krasinski said in an interview with Collider. “I love these characters. I love the story. So, if we can figure out a way to tell a story that feels like it’s worthy of the first two, then I’m definitely open to it.”

If Krasinski does decide to direct a third film, it is likely that Blunt would be on board. She has said that she is “very protective” of the “A Quiet Place” franchise and that she wants to make sure that any future films are “as good as the first two.”

Only time will tell if Blunt will get her wish. But if she does, it is sure to be a major event for fans of the franchise.

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