Evil Otto

Evil Otto is a character appearing in the arcade game “Berzerk,” known for its relentless pursuit of the player character. He is a smiley-faced head that bounces around the screen, trying to kill the player. If Evil Otto touches the player, the player loses a life.

Evil Otto is one of the most iconic and feared characters in video game history. He is often cited as one of the reasons why Berzerk was such a difficult game. His unpredictable movements and relentless pursuit made him a constant threat to the player.

Evil Otto’s design is also notable for its simplicity. He is just a smiley-faced head, but he is incredibly effective at being creepy and unsettling. His blank eyes and wide grin give him a sinister look, and his bouncing movements make him seem even more manic.

Evil Otto is a fascinating piece of video game history. He is one of the first video game characters to be truly feared by players, and his design and gameplay helped to pave the way for the development of the modern horror game genre.

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