Exploring Facebook for Travel Recommendations

Facebook can be a great resource for travel recommendations, especially from people you know and trust. Here are a few ways to explore Facebook for travel recommendations:

  • Ask your friends and family for recommendations. Simply create a new post and ask your friends and family for their recommendations on places to visit, things to do, restaurants to eat at, and places to stay. You can also specify the type of trip you’re looking for, such as a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a solo adventure.
  • Join travel groups and communities. There are many travel groups and communities on Facebook where you can ask questions and get recommendations from other travelers. Some popular groups include:
    • Travel Recommendations
    • 10xTravel. Insiders
    • Hyatt Ziva Cancun Fans
    • Costa Rica House & Apartment Rentals
    • Travel Maine
    • Traveling our World ✈️®️
    • Group Trips for Solo Travellers
    • All inclusive Resorts, Trips, Vacations & Deals
    • Anna Maria Island
    • Overheard in Traverse City
    • Travel Lovers
    • Worthington, Ohio – Families with Young Children
  • Follow travel-related pages and businesses. There are many travel-related pages and businesses on Facebook that share beautiful photos, videos, and tips about different destinations. You can also follow your favorite travel bloggers and influencers to get their recommendations.
  • Use Facebook’s travel recommendations feature. Facebook recently launched a new travel recommendations feature that allows you to easily find and share travel recommendations from your friends and family. To use this feature, simply click on the “Travel” tab at the top of your Facebook feed and then click on the “Recommendations” tab. You can then filter the recommendations by destination, type of trip, and other criteria.

Once you’ve gathered some recommendations, be sure to do your own research to narrow down your options and choose the best places for you. You can read online reviews, compare prices, and check out travel blogs and websites to get a better sense of what each destination has to offer.

Here are some additional tips for getting the most out of Facebook for travel recommendations:

  • Be specific in your requests. The more specific you are in your requests, the more helpful people will be able to be. For example, instead of asking for recommendations on things to do in Paris, ask for recommendations on the best museums to visit, the best restaurants to try, or the best neighborhoods to explore.
  • Be open to new experiences. Don’t be afraid to try new things or go off the beaten path. Some of the best travel experiences come from unexpected recommendations.
  • Be grateful for the help you receive. When people take the time to give you recommendations, be sure to thank them. You can also return the favor by sharing your own recommendations with them someday.