Fan Designs 20 Amazing Pokemon Fusions

Here are 20 amazing Pokemon fusions designed by fan artist Leoiruga:

  1. Gardevoir + Reshiram : This fusion is inspired by the angels in the Bible, with Gardevoir’s elegant features and Reshiram’s fiery body. It has a long, flowing mane of hair and a pair of wings that resemble flames.
  2. Mew + Butterfree : This fusion is a beautiful combination of Mew’s round face and Butterfree’s delicate wings. It has a pink body with yellow stripes and blue eyes.
  3. Gengar + Greninja : This fusion is a dark and mysterious creature with Gengar’s skeletal body and Greninja’s ninja-like appearance. It has a black body with purple stripes and yellow eyes.
  4. Luxray + Growlithe : This fusion is a powerful combination of Luxray’s electric powers and Growlithe’s fiery mane. It has a yellow body with black stripes and red eyes.
  5. Squirtle + Piplup : This fusion is a cute and cuddly creature with Squirtle’s water-type abilities and Piplup’s penguin-like appearance. It has a blue body with brown stripes and yellow eyes.
  6. Charizard + Mewtwo : This fusion is a legendary Pokemon with Charizard’s fire-breathing abilities and Mewtwo’s psychic powers. It has a red body with blue wings and yellow eyes.
  7. Eevee + Umbreon : This fusion is a mysterious creature with Eevee’s adaptability and Umbreon’s dark powers. It has a gray body with black stripes and yellow eyes.
  8. Snorlax + Lapras : This fusion is a gentle giant with Snorlax’s sleeping habits and Lapras’s water-type abilities. It has a blue body with white stripes and pink eyes.
  9. Victini + Togekiss : This fusion is a lucky Pokemon with Victini’s victory aura and Togekiss’s fairy powers. It has a yellow body with pink wings and blue eyes.
  10. Lucario + Dragonite : This fusion is a powerful dragon-type Pokemon with Lucario’s fighting abilities and Dragonite’s flying abilities. It has a blue body with red wings and yellow eyes.

These are just a few of the many amazing Pokemon fusions that have been created by fans. With so much creativity and imagination out there, it’s no wonder that Pokemon fusions are such a popular topic.

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