Final Fantasy 14 Is Getting a Whiskey Based On Starter Cities

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV, a collection of three whiskeys inspired by the game’s starter cities of Ul’dah, Gridania, and Limsa Lominsa will be released in Japan. The collection is called “FINAL FANTASY XIV AMAHAGAN” and each bottle costs 8,800 yen, which is around $61 USD.

The whiskeys are:

  • Ul’dah: A blended whiskey with its components aged in wine and sherry barrels for a complex and luxurious flavor. This is meant to represent Ul’dah’s status as a crossroads of trade routes where both economic and cultural exchange takes place.
  • Gridania: An unblended whiskey crafted to accent woody, leafy, and smoky notes, so that sipping it feels like a wandering walk among the trees. This is meant to represent Gridania’s lush forests and its people’s connection to nature.
  • Limsa Lominsa: A grain whiskey (though all three do contain English malt) with a peaty character that is meant to evoke thoughts of the sea breeze with a sweet, mellow finish. This is meant to represent Limsa Lominsa’s status as a port town and its people’s connection to the sea.

The whiskeys are packaged in beautiful bottles that feature key visuals from each of the cities. They are also accompanied by a booklet that provides more information about the whiskeys and the cities they are inspired by.

The FINAL FANTASY XIV AMAHAGAN whiskeys will be available for purchase in Japan starting on September 30, 2023. It is not yet known if they will be released in other countries.

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