Final Fantasy 14 Reveals New Short Stories for 10th Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Final Fantasy XIV is releasing a new series of short stories called Tales Under the New Moon. The first story, “As Azure Fades,” was released on August 27, 2023, and focuses on Estinien Wyrmblood. The remaining stories will be released over the next few weeks.

The stories are written by Banri Oda, the main scenario writer for Final Fantasy XIV. They are set in the world of Eorzea and explore the inner thoughts and emotions of the characters. The stories are free to read and can be accessed in the in-game library.

The first story, “As Azure Fades,” follows Estinien as he reflects on his past and his role as the Azure Dragoon. He has a vision of the first Azure Dragoon, who tells him that he must find his own path. The story ends with Estinien vowing to continue fighting for Eorzea.

The other stories in the series are expected to focus on other characters from Final Fantasy XIV, such as Alisaie Leveilleur, Y’shtola Rhul, and G’raha Tia. They are sure to be a treat for fans of the game and provide some much-needed insight into the characters’ motivations.

In addition to the short stories, Final Fantasy XIV is also celebrating its 10th anniversary with a variety of other events and activities. These include a special Rising event, a cash shop sale, and giveaways.

The Rising event is a seasonal event that takes place in the city of Ishgard. It features new quests, rewards, and a boss fight. The cash shop sale offers discounts on a variety of items, including mounts, minions, and outfits. The giveaways include in-game items and merchandise.

The 10th anniversary celebration is a great way for fans of Final Fantasy XIV to celebrate the game’s long and successful history. The short stories are a particularly special treat, as they offer a unique glimpse into the characters’ minds and motivations.

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