GameCube Prototype of Unreleased Game Discovered

A Nintendo collector and YouTuber known as cake_hoarder recently discovered a prototype for an unreleased game developed by Santa Cruz Games for the GameCube console. The game is called Pickles, and it is a platformer/adventure game starring a monkey riding a unicycle.

cake_hoarder found the prototype disc inside a development GameCube that they had purchased. The disc is unstable and only boots up once in every 10 tries, but cake_hoarder has been able to play through the first world of the game. They have also shared footage of the game on Twitter, which has generated a lot of interest in the gaming community.

According to cake_hoarder, the game has 12 levels split across two different worlds. The levels are set in a variety of environments, including a forest, a beach, and a city. The player controls the monkey, who can jump, climb, and ride his unicycle. The monkey can also collect power-ups that give him special abilities, such as the ability to fly or to shoot lasers.

The reason why Pickles was never released is unknown. It is possible that the game was simply not finished, or that it was not up to Nintendo’s standards. However, the discovery of the prototype disc is a fascinating glimpse into a lost piece of GameCube history.

cake_hoarder has said that they plan to upload the ROM of the game online for preservation purposes. They have also said that they will continue to document their findings on YouTube. It will be interesting to see what else they discover about this mysterious game.

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