Gamer’s Dad Makes Incredible PS3 Dumpster Discovery

That’s an incredible story. A gamer’s dad found a working backward compatible PlayStation 3 console sitting outside a dumpster at their apartment building. Backward compatible PS3 consoles are rare and valuable, so this was a major find.

The gamer, who goes by the username kushmaster805 on Reddit, said that their dad brought the console home and they hooked it up to test it out. It worked perfectly and was able to play PS2 games without any problems. The only issue was that the console was a bit scratched up, but that didn’t seem to affect its performance.

It’s unclear why someone would throw away a working backward compatible PS3 console, but kushmaster805 is certainly glad that their dad found it. They now have a great way to play their old PS2 games, and they didn’t have to spend a penny.

This story is a reminder that you should never give up on finding great deals. You never know what you might find, even in a dumpster. So keep your eyes peeled and you might just be lucky enough to find your own treasure.

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