Gamescom Opening Night Live Interrupted By Stage Crasher

Gamescom Opening Night Live was briefly interrupted by a stage crasher. The incident occurred just after a new trailer debuted for Starfield, as host Geoff Keighley prepared to introduce Todd Howard to talk more about the upcoming space-faring RPG.

Two people rushed up onto the stage, one of them shouting something about wanting to play Grand Theft Auto 6 now. Security quickly escorted them offstage, while Keighley expressed his disappointment, saying, “That’s just so disappointing. This is a such a special night for so many developers. It’s a shame that someone would choose to do that.”

The incident was reminiscent of another stage crasher at The Game Awards in 2022, when someone rushed up to the stage and interrupted the acceptance speech for Game of the Year winner It Takes Two.

It is unclear why the stage crashers at Gamescom Opening Night Live decided to do what they did. Some have speculated that they were fans who were upset about the lack of news about Grand Theft Auto 6, while others have suggested that they were simply seeking attention.

Whatever the reason, the incident was a reminder that even major gaming events are not immune to disruptions.

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