Gen V: Meet The Supes In Training On Prime Video’s The Boys Spin-Off

Here are the supes in training on Prime Video’s The Boys spin-off, Gen V:

  • Liz Sherman: Played by Jaz Sinclair, Liz is a pyrokinetic who can generate and control fire. She is described as “a loner who prefers to keep to herself.”
  • Empower: Played by Maddie Phillips, Empower is a shape-shifting superhero who can take on the appearance of anyone she wants. She is described as “a party girl who loves to have fun.”
  • Golden Boy: Played by Chance Perdomo, Golden Boy is a Superman-like superhero with super strength and speed. He is described as “a cocky and arrogant jock.”
  • The Legend: Played by Lizze Broadway, The Legend is a gender-fluid superhero with the ability to create illusions. They are described as “a social media influencer who is always looking for the next big thing.”
  • Quess: Played by Yasmin Finney, Quess is a teleporting superhero who can travel through space and time. She is described as “a mysterious and enigmatic figure.”
  • Nubia: Played by Ana Arana, Nubia is a warrior princess with superhuman strength and agility. She is described as “a natural leader who is always willing to fight for what she believes in.”
  • Sonja Son: Played by Shelley Conn, Sonja Son is a telepathic superhero who can read minds and control people’s thoughts. She is described as “a cunning and manipulative woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.”
  • Vivian: Played by newcomer Derek Luh, Vivian is a superhero with the ability to control plants. He is described as “a gentle giant who is always willing to help others.”

The show is set at America’s only college for young adult superheroes, where they learn to harness their powers and fight for good. But while these young adults are training to be superheroes, they are also discovering the complicated dynamics of sex, love, and identity.

Gen V is created by Eric Kripke, the creator of The Boys. It is scheduled to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on September 15, 2023.

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