Genshin Impact Chart Shows Lyney and Yelan First Week Banner Revenue

A chart on the GenshinLab website shows the revenue of the Lyney and Yelan banner after one week. The banner ranked in the bottom 30%, which is unexpected considering that it was part of a new major update.

The chart shows that the banner generated around $10 million in revenue, which is significantly lower than other recent banners. For comparison, the Hu Tao and Yelan banner generated around $20 million in revenue in its first week.

There are a few possible reasons for the low revenue of the Lyney and Yelan banner. One possibility is that Lyney is not a very popular character. She is a new character from a new region, and she does not have the same hype as other characters like Hu Tao or Yelan.

Another possibility is that the banner was released during a busy time for Genshin Impact. The game just released a new major update, which included a new story quest, new events, and new areas to explore. This may have divided players’ attention and made them less likely to spend money on the banner.

Finally, it is also possible that the low revenue is due to the current state of the Genshin Impact economy. The game has been facing a number of issues in recent months, such as a lack of new content and a steep increase in the cost of pulling characters. This may have made players less willing to spend money on the game in general.

Whatever the reason, the low revenue of the Lyney and Yelan banner is a disappointment for miHoYo. The company had hoped that the banner would be a success, as it would help to promote the new Fontaine region. However, the results suggest that players are not as excited about the new region as miHoYo had hoped.

It will be interesting to see how the Lyney and Yelan banner performs in the coming weeks. If the revenue does not improve, miHoYo may need to make some changes to the game in order to attract more players and generate more revenue.

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