Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Arlecchino’s Harbinger Rank

A recent leak from the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit has revealed that Arlecchino is ranked as the fourth most powerful character within the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. This makes her potentially the most powerful villain in the game so far.

The leak also revealed that Arlecchino is a Hydro user, which is a rarity among the Harbingers. The only other Hydro Harbinger is Childe, who is ranked as the eleventh. This suggests that Arlecchino may have a unique fighting style or elemental abilities that set her apart from the other Harbingers.

It is important to note that this leak is still unconfirmed, and miHoYo has not released any official information about Arlecchino’s rank or abilities. However, the leak has been circulating on social media and has been gaining a lot of attention from fans. It is possible that miHoYo will release more information about Arlecchino in the future.

In the meantime, fans can speculate about Arlecchino’s role in the game and her potential abilities. Some fans believe that she may be the main villain of the upcoming Fontaine storyline. Others believe that she may be a playable character who will join the roster in a future update. Only time will tell what role Arlecchino will play in Genshin Impact.

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