Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Upcoming Character Release Schedule

There have been some leaks that reveal the upcoming character release schedule for Genshin Impact. Here are the characters that are rumored to be released in the next few updates:

  • Version 4.0 (September 2023): Lyney (5-star Pyro Bow), Lynette (4-star Anemo Sword), Freminet (4-star Cryo Claymore)
  • Version 4.1 (October 2023): Neuvillette (5-star Hydro Catalyst), Wriothesley (5-star Cryo Catalyst)
  • Version 4.2 (November 2023): Furina (5-star Hydro Sword), Navia (4-star Geo Polearm)
  • Version 4.3 (December 2023): Arlecchino (5-star Pyro Sword), Chiori (4-star Electro Catalyst)
  • Version 4.4 (January 2024): Cloud Retainer (Unknown rarity, weapon, and Vision)

Please note that these are just leaks and the actual character release schedule may change. HoYoverse has not yet officially confirmed any of these characters.

In addition to the characters listed above, there are also a few other characters that have been rumored to be released in the future. These include:

  • Skirk (Sword): A mysterious character who is said to be a playable character in the Sumeru region.
  • Lion Dance Boy (4-star): A character who was featured in a recent Genshin Impact event. His release date is unknown.
  • Emilie (Unknown rarity, weapon, and Vision): A character who was mentioned in the Genshin Impact manga. Her release date is also unknown.

It is worth noting that these characters are even more speculative than the ones listed above. HoYoverse has not yet released any official information about them.

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