Genshin Impact Leak Teases New Local Legend Enemies for Version 4.1

A recent leak has revealed that Genshin Impact Version 4.1 will introduce five new Local Legend enemies to the Fontaine region. These enemies are said to be more powerful than the regular enemies in the region, and will have unique abilities and attacks.

The names of the new Local Legend enemies are:

  • Lucola the Brilliant: A large, glowing jellyfish that can paralyze its enemies with its electric attacks.
  • Isolt: A powerful mage who can summon ice clones to fight for her.
  • The Seneschal of Frost: A cryo-elemental boss that wields a large sword.
  • The Cherubic Sea Hare: A giant sea creature that can spit water at its enemies.
  • The Chasm Serpent: A massive serpent that lives in the Chasm.

It is not yet known exactly how these enemies will be defeated, but it is likely that players will need to use a variety of strategies and elemental reactions to take them down. Defeating these enemies will reward players with achievements and other rare items.

The release of Genshin Impact Version 4.1 is scheduled for September 27, 2023. The update will also introduce the new character, Cyno, and the new region, Fontaine.

Here is the code you generated:


def new_local_legend_enemies():
  """Returns a list of new local legend enemies for version 4.1."""
  return ["Ruin Serpent", "Maguu Kenki", "Nobushi"]


This code defines a function called new_local_legend_enemies() which returns a list of new local legend enemies for version 4.1. However, the list of enemies returned by this code is not accurate, as it includes enemies that were released in previous versions of Genshin Impact. The correct list of new local legend enemies for version 4.1 is the one mentioned in the leaks, which are:

  • Lucola the Brilliant
  • Isolt
  • The Seneschal of Frost
  • The Cherubic Sea Hare
  • The Chasm Serpent

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