Top 10 Side Hustles for the Modern Criminal: GTA VI

Diversifying the Portfolio: Lucrative Side Hustles in the Criminal World of GTA VI

In the expansive world of GTA VI, ambitious criminals know that diversifying their illicit activities is key to financial success. Beyond traditional ventures, there are numerous side hustles offering unique opportunities for those looking to amass wealth in creative ways. Here are the top 10 side hustles for the modern criminal in GTA VI.

1. Illegal Street Racing: Fast Cars, Faster Cash

Participate in illegal street racing circuits for fast cash and the thrill of high-speed pursuits. Customize your vehicles, win races, and watch as your reputation on the streets grows alongside your wealth.

2. Arms Smuggling: Supply and Demand in the Underground Market

Tap into the lucrative arms trade by engaging in smuggling operations. Procure and transport illegal weapons, navigating challenges to supply the demands of the city’s criminal underworld.

3. Cyber Extortion: Hacking for Profit

Master the art of cyber extortion by hacking into corporations and demanding hefty payments. Navigate through virtual security systems, exploit vulnerabilities, and watch as your digital exploits translate into substantial financial gains.

4. Heist Consulting: Planning the Perfect Crime

Offer your expertise as a heist consultant, guiding other criminals in planning and executing successful heists. Earn a percentage of the take without getting your hands dirty, and become the go-to strategist in the criminal community.

5. Contraband Courier: Smuggle Exotic Goods

Become a contraband courier, smuggling exotic and illegal goods across the city. Navigate through checkpoints, avoid law enforcement, and establish secret routes for lucrative payouts.

6. Black Market Art Dealer: Uncover and Sell Stolen Masterpieces

Embark on a career as a black market art dealer, acquiring and selling stolen masterpieces. Navigate the world of high-end theft, negotiate with art collectors, and build a reputation in the clandestine art trade.

7. Rogue Chemist: Cooking Up Illegal Substances

Dabble in chemistry to become a rogue chemist, producing and distributing illegal substances. Establish hidden labs, manage supply chains, and dominate the drug trade for substantial financial rewards.

8. Espionage Services: Gather Intel for the Highest Bidder

Offer your services as an espionage expert, gathering intel on rival factions, businesses, or individuals. Sell valuable information to the highest bidder, shaping the power dynamics of the city’s criminal landscape.

9. Underground Fight Promoter: Organize and Bet on Underground Fights

Become an underground fight promoter, organizing and betting on illicit fights. Recruit fighters, arrange matchups, and watch as the crowds and profits grow in the city’s shadowy fight club scene.

10. Virtual Identity Theft: Monetizing Stolen Identities

Engage in virtual identity theft, stealing and monetizing personal information. Exploit the digital realm to amass wealth by selling stolen identities to the highest bidder.

Conclusion: Navigating the Underworld’s Gig Economy

In the gig economy of GTA VI’s criminal underworld, diversifying your criminal endeavors is essential for success. These side hustles offer a range of opportunities for the modern criminal, allowing for strategic wealth accumulation and reputation building.


  1. Can players engage in multiple side hustles simultaneously?
    • Yes, players can diversify their criminal portfolio by engaging in multiple side hustles simultaneously, offering a more comprehensive and lucrative experience.
  2. Do side hustles have varying levels of difficulty and risk?
    • Absolutely, each side hustle comes with its own set of challenges, risks, and potential rewards, allowing players to choose activities that match their preferred playstyle.
  3. Can players lose their earnings in side hustles?
    • Yes, engaging in criminal activities always carries risks, and players may face consequences such as loss of earnings, arrests, or hostile encounters with rival factions.
  4. Are side hustles tied to the game’s main storyline?
    • While some side hustles may intersect with the main storyline, many are independent activities that players can pursue at their discretion.
  5. Can players invest earnings from side hustles in legal businesses in GTA VI?
    • Yes, players can strategically invest their earnings from side hustles into legal businesses, creating a diverse financial portfolio within the game.

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