Hilarious Hogwarts Legacy Clip Highlights Ominis’ Fear of Water

There is a hilarious clip that has been circulating online that highlights Ominis’ fear of water in Hogwarts Legacy. The clip was shared on Reddit by user pastadudde, and it shows the player’s character swimming into a cavern where they find a small grotto with a giant squid mural. After some in-game dialogue, the character turns to face the entrance of the cave only to see Ominis pop up out of the water while flailing about. He starts spasming and making sounds indicating he is getting hurt by the water. And this continues until the NPC moves himself onto dry land and on until Ominis flies off towards the ceiling of the grotto.

The clip has been met with a lot of laughs from fans, who are amused by Ominis’ extreme reaction to water. Some fans have even speculated that Ominis may have a fear of drowning, or that he may have had a bad experience with water in the past. Whatever the reason, Ominis’ fear of water is definitely one of the funniest things about him.

It is important to note that the clip is a result of a mod that allows players to bring Ominis with them during a quest that is normally done alone. However, it is still a hilarious example of Ominis’ fear of water, and it is sure to bring a smile to the faces of fans.

In addition to the clip, there is also a TikTok miniseries that has been created by a fan centered around Ominis’ character and gossip. The miniseries has been met with a lot of positive feedback, and it is clear that Ominis is a popular character among fans.

Overall, Ominis is a complex and interesting character, and his fear of water is just one of the many things that makes him so memorable. Fans are eager to learn more about him, and they are sure to be entertained by his future adventures.

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