Honkai: Star Rail Chart Shows Estimated Stellar Jade Income for Version 1.3

A chart showing the estimated Stellar Jade income for Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.3 has been shared by the popular fan account Star Rail Station. The chart estimates that players can earn a total of 16,065 Stellar Jades throughout the version.

The largest source of Stellar Jades in Version 1.3 is the “Swarm Disaster” event, which rewards players with 2,500 Jades. The “Aurum Alley Hustle & Bustle” event will also give players up to 1,840 Jades for completion, with exploration of the new area awarding up to 500 Stellar Jades.

Other sources of Stellar Jades in Version 1.3 include:

  • Daily login rewards: 100 Jades per day
  • Weekly challenges: 700 Jades per week
  • Story quests: 1,500 Jades
  • Battle Pass: 3,000 Jades
  • Other events: 1,225 Jades

It is important to note that this is just an estimate, and the actual amount of Stellar Jades that players can earn may vary depending on how much they play and how well they perform in events.

Here is the chart shared by Star Rail Station:

Source | Estimated Jades
------- | --------
Swarm Disaster | 2,500
Aurum Alley Hustle & Bustle | 1,840
Exploration | 500
Daily login rewards | 700
Weekly challenges | 700
Story quests | 1,500
Battle Pass | 3,000
Other events | 1,225

Total | 16,065

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