Honkai: Star Rail Leak Hints at First Banner Re-run for Popular Character

A new Genshin Impact leak hints that a five-star character named Seele could receive a re-run in version 1.4 which should drop in October. However, this is just a leak and not yet confirmed by HoYoverse.

The leaker, Dimbreath, has a good track record of leaking accurate information about Honkai Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, so it is possible that this leak is true. However, it is also possible that the plans have changed since the leak was made.

If Seele does get a re-run in version 1.4, she will be the first five-star character in Honkai: Star Rail to have a rerun. This is because the game is still relatively new and there are not many five-star characters yet.

Seele is a popular character among fans, so it is no surprise that she is rumored to be getting a re-run. She is a Quantum-type character who uses the Path of the Hunt, which makes her a strong main DPS. She is also a member of the Wildfire team, which is one of the most popular teams in the game.

If Seele does get a re-run, it will be a good opportunity for players who missed her the first time around to get her. She is a powerful character who can be a valuable asset to any team.

Here are some of Seele’s strengths and weaknesses:

  • Strengths:
    • Strong main DPS
    • Can deal a lot of single-target damage
    • Good mobility
    • Has a supportive ultimate that can heal and buff allies
  • Weaknesses:
    • Can be squishy
    • Requires a lot of investment to be effective
    • Not as versatile as some other characters

Overall, Seele is a strong character who can be a valuable asset to any team. If you are a fan of her or are looking for a powerful main DPS, then you should consider pulling for her if she gets a re-run in version 1.4.

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