Honkai: Star Rail Leak Reveals Jingliu’s Eidolons

A recent leak from Honkai: Star Rail leaker Dimbreath has revealed the six available Eidolon upgrades for Jingliu in the Version 1.4 launch. Here are the details of each Eidolon:

  • Eidolon 1: Increases Crit Rate by 15% after using her Ultimate or Enhanced Skill, and deals 20% increased damage to single enemies.
  • Eidolon 2: Increases Ultimate damage by 30%.
  • Eidolon 3: Increases Ultimate level by 1.
  • Eidolon 4: Increases Skill level by 1.
  • Eidolon 5: When Jingliu’s HP is below 50%, she gains a shield that absorbs 100% of her attack damage for 5 seconds.
  • Eidolon 6: Increases Crit Rate by 15% when Jingliu’s HP is below 50%.

These Eidolons provide Jingliu with a variety of buffs, making her a powerful damage dealer. The first Eidolon increases her Crit Rate and damage to single enemies, making her more effective against bosses and other tough enemies. The second Eidolon increases her Ultimate damage, which is her strongest ability. The third and fourth Eidolons simply increase the levels of her Ultimate and Skill, which makes them stronger. The fifth Eidolon gives her a shield when her HP is low, which can help her survive in difficult situations. The sixth Eidolon further increases her Crit Rate when her HP is low, making her even more deadly.

Overall, Jingliu’s Eidolons are very powerful and make her a top-tier damage dealer. Players who are lucky enough to pull multiple copies of her will be able to create a very strong team around her.

It is important to note that these are just leaks and the final stats of Jingliu’s Eidolons may be different. However, the leak does give us a good idea of what to expect from her Eidolons.

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