Honkai: Star Rail Leak Teases Gameplay for Topaz and Jingliu

A recent Honkai: Star Rail leak has revealed gameplay footage of Topaz and Jingliu, showcasing their impressive combat animations.

  • Topaz is a Fire Hunt character who deals heavy single-target damage and has a companion named Numby that deals follow-up damage. Her Normal Attack has her firing a beam of fire, while her Skill has her summon Numby to attack enemies. Her Ultimate has her unleash a powerful blast of fire that deals AoE damage.
  • Jingliu is an Ice character in the Destruction Path. Her Normal Attack and Skill both deal single-target damage, while her Ultimate deals AoE Ice damage while providing Jingliu with a variety of buffs, including Effect RES, Speed, and Ice Damage boosts. Her Spectral Transmigration Talent provides even more buffs and gives access to her Enhanced Skill.

The leak also reveals that Jingliu’s Eidolons (which are similar to Honkai Impact 3rd’s Stigmatas) provide her with major damage boosts. Her first Eidolon provides her with increased Crit Rate after using her Ultimate or Enhanced Skill, as well as a special buff when attacking single enemies. Her further Eidolons feature several generic buffs with her E2 increasing her Ultimate damage by 30%, and her E3 and E5 increasing her Ultimate and Skill levels respectively.

Both Topaz and Jingliu are expected to be released in Honkai: Star Rail’s Version 1.4, which is scheduled to launch on October 11, 2023.

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