ibb & obb

ibb & obb is a two-player cooperative puzzle-platform game developed by Sparpweed Games and published by Codeglue. It was released for PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows in 2013, and for Linux, macOS, and Nintendo Switch in 2020.

The game is set in a world where gravity goes both up and down. The players control two characters, ibb and obb, who must work together to solve puzzles and progress through the levels. The characters have different abilities: ibb can jump higher, while obb can slide through narrow gaps. Players must use these abilities to their advantage in order to overcome the challenges of the game.

ibb & obb is a challenging but rewarding game that is perfect for cooperative play. It has received positive reviews from critics, with praise for its innovative gameplay and its charming art style.

Here are some of the features of ibb & obb:

  • Two-player cooperative gameplay: The game is designed for cooperative play, and it is much more challenging to play alone.
  • Innovative gravity mechanic: The game’s unique gravity mechanic adds a new layer of challenge and strategy.
  • Challenging puzzles: The puzzles in ibb & obb are challenging but fair, and they require players to work together in order to solve them.
  • Charming art style: The game has a charming art style that is reminiscent of classic cartoons.
  • 15 levels: The game has 15 levels, each with its own unique challenges.
  • 8 hidden worlds: There are 8 hidden worlds in the game, which can be unlocked by finding secret keys.
  • Online multiplayer: Players can also play ibb & obb online with friends.

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding cooperative puzzle-platform game, then ibb & obb is definitely worth checking out.

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