James Gunn Denies Cutting A DCEU Cameo From Blue Beetle

James Gunn has denied cutting a DCEU cameo from Blue Beetle. A Twitter user recently claimed that Ben Affleck was supposed to make a voice cameo in the new DC superhero movie as Bruce Wayne/Batman. He claimed that it was a comedic bit, but Gunn cut it from the movie because it would have placed the film in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), which Gunn is moving away from with his DC Universe. Gunn denied this rumor by replying to the post, saying, “I’ve never heard of a Ben Affleck voice cameo in Beetle, nor has Peter, much less cut one.”

Gunn has been clear that he does not want Blue Beetle to be part of the DCEU. He has said that he wants the movie to stand on its own and not be beholden to the continuity of the other DC movies. This has led to some confusion, as Blue Beetle is technically a DC character and there have been rumors that he would appear in other DCEU movies. However, Gunn has said that this is not the case.

It is possible that there was a Ben Affleck cameo in Blue Beetle that was cut, but it is also possible that the rumor is simply false. Only Gunn and the people involved in the production of the movie know for sure. However, it is clear that Gunn is not interested in connecting Blue Beetle to the DCEU.

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