Kingdom Tales

Kingdom Tales is a time management and strategy game developed by Neko6 and published by Ocean Media. It was released for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Nintendo Switch in 2016.

In Kingdom Tales, you play as the ruler of a kingdom that has been ravaged by war. Your goal is to rebuild the kingdom and restore peace and prosperity to its people. You will need to explore the land, gather resources, build structures, and manage your citizens. You will also need to deal with threats from bandits, trolls, and dragons.

Kingdom Tales is a challenging but rewarding game. It is a great way to test your time management skills and strategic thinking. The game is also visually appealing, with its colorful graphics and charming characters.

Here are some of the features of Kingdom Tales:

  • Time management gameplay: You will need to complete tasks in a timely manner to progress in the game.
  • Strategy gameplay: You will need to make decisions about how to allocate resources and manage your citizens.
  • Exploration: You will need to explore the land to find resources and complete tasks.
  • Building: You will need to build structures to house your citizens and produce resources.
  • Combat: You will need to fight bandits, trolls, and dragons to protect your kingdom.
  • Beautiful graphics: The game features colorful graphics and charming characters.
  • Multiple difficulty levels: The game has four difficulty levels, so you can choose one that is right for your skill level.

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding time management and strategy game, then Kingdom Tales is a great option. It is a visually appealing game with a variety of features that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Here are some reviews of Kingdom Tales:

  • “Kingdom Tales is a charming and addictive time management game with a great deal of depth. The gameplay is challenging but fair, and the visuals are beautiful. I highly recommend it to fans of the genre.” – TouchArcade
  • “Kingdom Tales is a fantastic time management game with a lot of heart. The gameplay is challenging and rewarding, and the story is engaging. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new time management game to play.” – AppAdvice
  • “Kingdom Tales is a great choice for fans of time management games. It’s challenging, rewarding, and has a great story. I highly recommend it.” – Gamezebo

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