Kingdom: Two Crowns – Norse Lands

Kingdom: Two Crowns – Norse Lands is a premium DLC for the game Kingdom: Two Crowns. It adds a new campaign set in a Norse-inspired land, with new rulers, citizens, enemies, and gameplay mechanics.

Here are some of the new features in Kingdom: Two Crowns – Norse Lands:

  • Norse Rulers: There are four new rulers to choose from, each with their own unique abilities. The Jarl can summon a shield wall to protect his subjects, the Shieldmaiden can call down a hail of arrows, the Berserker can deal massive damage to enemies, and the Runemaster can cast powerful spells.
  • Norse Citizens: The citizens of Norse Lands are more fierce and resilient than those in other lands. They will defend their kingdom to the death, and they can even be trained to fight like Berserkers.
  • New Enemies: There are two new enemy types in Norse Lands: the Frost Troll and the Sea Serpent. The Frost Troll is a powerful melee attacker, while the Sea Serpent can breathe fire and swim through the water.
  • New Gameplay Mechanics: There are a few new gameplay mechanics in Norse Lands, including the ability to build ships to explore the ocean, the ability to tame wolves to help defend your kingdom, and the ability to solve puzzles to unlock new areas.

Overall, Kingdom: Two Crowns – Norse Lands is a great expansion that adds a lot of new content to the game. It’s a must-have for fans of the series.

Here are some additional details about the DLC:

  • It is available for purchase on the PlayStation Store for $9.99 USD.
  • It requires the base game of Kingdom: Two Crowns to play.
  • It is compatible with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.
  • It has a trophy list with 10 trophies, including a platinum trophy.
  • The DLC has a playtime of around 10-15 hours, depending on your skill level.

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