Managing Facebook Group Settings

To manage your Facebook group settings, you must be a group admin or moderator.

On desktop:

  1. Go to your group.
  2. Click More below your cover photo.
  3. Select Edit Group Settings.

On mobile:

  1. Tap Groups in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Tap your group.
  3. Tap Manage.
  4. Tap Group Settings.

Here are some of the most important group settings:

  • Privacy: Choose whether your group is public, private, or hidden.
  • Type: Choose whether your group is open, closed, or secret.
  • Membership: Choose who can join your group and who needs to be approved by admins or moderators.
  • Content: Choose what kind of content is allowed in your group and who can post it.
  • Moderation: Choose how admins and moderators can moderate content and members.
  • Notifications: Choose how members are notified about activity in your group.

You can also manage other settings, such as group name, description, cover photo, and welcome post.

Tips for managing Facebook group settings:

  • Choose the right privacy setting for your group. If your group is for a private community, such as family or friends, you may want to choose a private or hidden setting. If your group is for a public audience, you may want to choose a public setting.
  • Choose the right type for your group. An open group means anyone can join without approval. A closed group means people must request membership and be approved by an admin or moderator. A secret group means people can only join if they are invited by a member.
  • Set clear rules for your group. This will help to ensure that your group is a positive and productive space for everyone. You can post your rules in your group description or create a separate document and link to it in your description.
  • Moderate your group regularly. This means reviewing new posts and comments, and removing any content that violates your group rules or Facebook’s community standards. You can also use Facebook’s Admin Assist tool to automate some of the moderation tasks.

By carefully managing your Facebook group settings, you can create a community that is welcoming, supportive, and productive for everyone.