Minecraft Player Makes Impressive Pirate Cove in Hardcore World

A Minecraft player has created an impressive pirate cove in a hardcore world. The player, who goes by the username kaaskopjeyt, shared images of their build on Reddit. The cove is hidden in a cavern accessible only by water. The images showcase various interesting details such as the small cave entrance, unique plant life above ground, coral under the sea, and their actual base.

The player built the cove in creative mode using world edit, which explains why some parts of it are still a bit rough. However, they have already survived the hardcore server for 2,000 days, which is an incredible feat.

Here are some of the features of the pirate cove:

  • A large ship docked in the cove
  • A hidden entrance to the base
  • A variety of plants and coral
  • A treasure chest full of loot
  • A bedroom and a crafting area

The player said that they were inspired to build the pirate cove after watching the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean.” They said that they wanted to create a base that was both hidden and accessible, and they think they achieved that with the cove.

The player’s build has been met with a lot of positive feedback on Reddit. Many people have commented on how impressive it is, and some have even asked for a tutorial on how to build it.

The player has said that they are planning to continue working on the cove, and they hope to add more features in the future. They are also considering opening the cove to other players so that they can explore it.

The pirate cove is a great example of the creativity and ingenuity of Minecraft players. It is a reminder that there are no limits to what can be built in the game.

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