More Details Emerge About How GTA 6 Leaker Hacked Rockstar Games

More details have emerged about how the GTA 6 leaker hacked Rockstar Games. The hacker, who has been identified as 18-year-old Arion Kurtaj, used an Amazon Fire Stick to gain access to the company’s network.

An Amazon Fire Stick is a streaming device that can be used to watch videos, play games, and access other content on a TV. It plugs into the HDMI port of a TV and connects to the internet.

Kurtaj is alleged to have used the Fire Stick to install a malicious code on Rockstar Games’ network. This code gave him access to the company’s data, including over 90 early development videos of GTA 6.

Kurtaj also allegedly threatened to release the source code for GTA 6 unless Rockstar Games met his demands. However, the company refused to do so, and Kurtaj was eventually caught and arrested.

The case against Kurtaj is still ongoing, but he could face significant jail time if convicted. His actions have also damaged Rockstar Games’ reputation and could delay the release of GTA 6.

Here are some additional details about the hack:

  • Kurtaj was part of an online group called Lapsus$, which is known for attacking major tech companies.
  • The hack took place in March 2022, but it was not publicly revealed until April.
  • Rockstar Games said that the hack did not have any impact on its live game services or the development of GTA 6.
  • Kurtaj has been charged with three counts of hacking, two counts of fraud, and one count of blackmail.

It is still unclear how Kurtaj was able to gain access to Rockstar Games’ network using an Amazon Fire Stick. However, this case highlights the need for companies to take steps to protect their data from cyberattacks.

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